25 June 2012

Zdravo Organic - Organic Food Redesign

One of the latest projects I did at PeterGregsonStudio.
This project included developing of packaging concept, bottle and identity design.

Zdravo Organic is Serbian healthy and organic food company located in Vojvodina.

More about the company and products - old website - www.zdravo.rs

24 July 2011

Various Artists - 29.07.11.

Various Artists
Nikola Zmajevic and Nemanja Jehlicka


Friday, 29.07. from 23h
Boat 20/44

07 May 2011

International Spring Summit Of Cheap Laser Graphics - My Work

Satirical/cynical approach to the current trend in illustration/design.

04 May 2011

Incredible Machine Exhibition - My work

Freud famously theorized that all creativity derives from the early confusion that the child experiences regarding birth and defecation so that the desire of the child to play with his own shit is postulated as the first acting out of this drive to create.

21 March 2011

Incredible Machine - Exhibition - from 2-5th April at KC Grad, Belgrade

• Incredible machine •

The Lorem Ipsum collective and Stockholm design studio SNASK proudly present Incredible Machine, a group exhibition featuring twenty young designers from Stockholm and Belgrade, ten from each city, who will try and illustrate their creative process. The exhibition will be held at KC Grad from 2-5th April.
The point of departure for this exhibition was an old computer game called Incredible Machine understood as a metaphor for the creative process. Namely, every designer manipulates numerous elements in their creative proces, ranging from purely visual to socio-cultural, and does so according to their personal predilections. The aim of this exhibition is to, as much as it is possible, lay bare the creative process and expose all aspects of the process, both personal and, to a point, varying, and societal aspects, often rigid in their nature.
This meta-design collaboration of two capitals will put designers, and even more importantly general public, into a position to reflect on the similarities, differences, and connections between these two supposedly distant urban environments.
The opening is scheduled for 7 p.m.. However, people from SNASK will give a lecture titled "Enterpreneurship for creative minds” at 4 p.m. the same day. After the lecture, they will take part in a panel discussion also featuring Slavimir Stojanovic and members of Metaklinika. The designers will discuss their experiences working in Belgrade and Stockholm respectively.
A grand opening party will take place after the opening, starting 10 p.m., featuring some of the finest Belgrade DJs: Schwabe, Biskoteka, Nemanja Jehlicka and Surprise Guest DJ.

Incredible Machine from Nemanja Jehlicka on Vimeo.

22 February 2011

The 3D Type book by FL@33 - Finaly

The book is due to be released worldwide in April 2011.
Published by Laurence King, curated by FL@33.

For more info go to 3d-type.com

16 September 2010

Popmark™ - NEW Visual Identity for sound engineering studio

The brief was to make something retro and contemporary at the same time.
Since they are a small studio, I wanted to keep it simple and authentic.
Idea was to make a logo that could work as a graphic device which would allow me to use it afterwards throughout design.
Clean, without use of pictures.

Their website will be online soon...

09 July 2010

†††The 3D Type Book†††

I am glad to say that my work is included in The 3D Type Book published by Laurence King Publishing and curated by Fl@33 Ltd.
From Serbia you can also find work from Filip Bojovic (Fajn Hajp Agency) featured in the book.

Briefly about the book:

The book
focuses 100 per cent on three-dimensional experimental letterforms, sculptural shape-shifting letters, tactile experiences and surprising and inventive ways to interpret the alphabet, ranging from beautiful and humorous to poetic, witty and conceptual. On 240 pages The 3D Type Book features over 1300 pictures illustrating over 300 projects by over 160 selected contributors from around the world.

Among others featured work are from Milton Glaser, Sagmaister, Non-Format, Marian Bantjes, Antoine+Manuel, Frost*Design, Rinzen, Underware... just to name a few.

Book is due to be released in spring 2011.

Here is the link for the book announcement in Serbian.

28 May 2010

Mixer Expo 2010 - A?

Displayed in the main exhibition building until May 29.

11 February 2010

High5 - Designed.rs & Speakeasy - Featured work this week

You can see my work displayed in front of Speakeasy on Trg in Belgrade during one week.
Also featured work is from Macedonian graphic designer Petar Pavlov.

For more details click here.

17 December 2009

Space Attacks

A series of illustrations/collages inspired by space, the '60s and The Twilight Zone.
Once again a black and white series.
To be continued.

23 August 2009

Spatial Illustration

As Emil Ruder once said "The beauty of the form lies within the empty space that surrounds it".
In this case the form is not defined by the empty space, since the form is the empty space.

Ongoing project.