17 December 2009

Space Attacks

A series of illustrations/collages inspired by space, the '60s and The Twilight Zone.
Once again a black and white series.
To be continued.

23 August 2009

Spatial Illustration

As Emil Ruder once said "The beauty of the form lies within the empty space that surrounds it".
In this case the form is not defined by the empty space, since the form is the empty space.

Ongoing project.

Plakatype Expanded Slab

Custom made Slab for the Autonomni Zenski Centar book.

Numbers are not included in the font. Only uppercase caracters. If UR interested in developing this font further, pleas contact me at n.jehlicka@gmail.com
Use the same address to
to get this font

The font is free of charge.

The work was done in 2008.

21 July 2009

TT Stage 0

This post will come in several parts since there was a lot of research done in this project. Work in 3D, experimenting in typography, photography etc...

First I will show you the final work, and after that, the research stages will folllow
. This job was a lot of fun since I did it for a friend, and had a lot of free space to do what I want.

This job was done in 2008.

Here are the results:

TT Stage 1

These are the final posters. The first two images are Back/Front of a B0 size poster that was folded and inserted in a book. The second one is also a B/F poster, B3, but this one was used as envelope, holding a set of balloons. The first idea was to create the entire image of Tijana from balloons, but unfortunately I had to abandon that idea since there was no printing place that could do that job in Belgrade. So I had to change it and make only the face printed.

Photography by Milena Rakocevic.

TT Stage 2

This stage included typographic research on the "Use me or abuse me" phrase.
Here are several ideas I had. Non of them were used in the final work.

TT Stage 3

This was a pretty good idea and we did a great job with the arrangement of elements and the atmosphere, but unfortunetly we didn't have a tripod, and since we worked in a dark enviroment, we had to open the focal up to 800 ISO, which resulted in grainy and blurry images. Since it was meant to be printed in large format, I had to abandon this idea.

Nevertheless, the images turned out great.

Photography by Ivan Zupanc.

TT Stage 4

These are some drafts from this project.

Celebrating Helvetica's 50th Birthday - Calendar

This project was organised by Unibrand Communications in 2007.
I was invited among 11 other designers from Belgrade to contribute to the project.


Just some random sketches and scribbles.

ZAPLET Restaurant

This was my response to the topic of birth.
The concept of birth was done in 9 stages by 9 different designers.
Every designer had a month for himself.

The third month is characterized by negation, both physical and psychological. There are no visible changes indicative of pregnancy, but the pain and nausea are constant. It all results in nervous derangement (if a pregnant woman commits a murder between the 3rd and 5th month of her pregnancy, she can quote mental incapacitation as the reason and see all charges dropped).

Thus the name of the work: "Tell me, I don't want to know."

This work was done in 2006.

20 July 2009

Logo Design - VA 03-09

Here are some logos I did in the past 6 years.

Joliet Jake Blues

Some illustrations I did in 2006. The idea was to communicate the brand image and strenght by combining people and their animal character representations. Here is one illustration I did combining the German Shepard and "Joliet" Jake Blues.

01 July 2009

Here from now on i'll be posting some of my personal work, toughts and ideas.